Hair Care Treatments

Ayurvedic Hair Care for thick, strong glossy hair helps ensure hair roots are firm and the scalp is healthy. Moisturising and massaging the scalp with herbal oils or juices, nourishes and strengthens the hair roots and promotes hair growth.

Herbal Head Pack : Duration 30 minutes

A head pack with specially prepared Amla pulp is applied after a mild head massage and this helps prevent hair fall and induces sleep as well.

Anti Dandruff Treatment: Duration 30 minutes

This special Ayurvedic hair treatment helps prevent dandruff. An Ayurvedic medicated oil massage followed with a special herbal pack helps strengthen hair follicles thus ensuring better growth of hair.

Henna Conditioning: Duration 30 minutes

Ayurveda recommends the use of Henna as a hair conditioner. Henna is also known to help prevent hair loss by strengthening hair roots.

Henna Colouring: Duration 30 minutes

Henna is considered as a natural alternative to colouring hair. A big advantage of colouring hair with henna is that it is natural and therefore safer.