Body Care Treatments

Our Ayurvedic Body Care treatments include cleansing, toning, scrubs and face massages using a combination of Ayurveda herbs and the natural goodness of fresh fruits and vegetables. It gently cleans, exfoliates and nourishes the skin making it more supple and younger looking.

Aloe Vera Cream massage: Duration 60 minutes

This massage uses a special herbal cream blended with milk and has extra moisturizing properties. It imparts a glow to the skin while nourishing and rejuvenating sagging skin. The extra oil helps increase circulation.

Orange Cream massage: Duration 60 minutes

This face massage uses natural extracts of oranges and helps rejuvenate the skin giving it a beautiful and protective glow.

Papaya cream massage: Duration 60 minutes

This massage helps lighten skin blemishes, pigmentation patches and dark circles and restores natural complexion.

Sandal wood Cream massage: Duration 60 minutes

The exhilarating, soothing effect of sandalwood used in this face massage bestows nature’s choicest blessings on your skin making you look younger and fairer.

Mango Cream massage: Duration 60 minutes

This massage is ideal for all skin types, the added mango pulp softens the skin adding an extra tone to the muscles while the blend of special ayurvedic medicated oil gives an extra protection to sensitive skin.

Nalpalmaram Scrub Massage: Duration 60 minutes

In this procedure, a special Ayurvedic herbal paste is massaged onto the skin for about 30 minutes preceded with an oil application. This exfoliates dry skin, strengthens tissues and removes dead cells, cellulite and hyper pigmentation